Woman and wolf

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an oil painting of a man with wrinkles on his face and chest, looking to the side
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Proud by Gwenneth Barth-White Pastel ~ 27" x 21"
the full moon is shining over the ocean
моря и реки
the night sky is filled with stars above water
a beautiful young woman in a blue dress standing on stairs with the moon behind her
Woman Climb Up Stairs to Fantasy Moon Heaven, Fairy Girl in Night Blue Dress, Model Back View Looking over Shoulder
a drawing of a woman with a bow and arrow in front of a full moon
Cuded | Art and Design |
a woman in a red dress is standing near a fence and looking at the moon
Nathalia Suellen 28
a woman hugging a wolf on top of a wooden table next to a painting of two women
Protector Canvas Art Print by Anne Stokes
a woman sitting on top of a pile of coins next to a wolf in the woods
Sensing the World Around You
a painting of a woman standing in the water next to two wolfs at night
Sisters of the Moon - Woman and Wolf image - artist Lindsay Archer