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many different pictures of people with glasses and hair, including the character from beauty and the beast
7 years with Harry taught me more than 12 years of muggle school ever will
four different types of harry potters symbols and their meanings on the front cover of a book
Harry Potter✓Ophidian Riddle: From the Ashes Is Fear Year 1 (hiatus) - 11~Sorting Hat
a collage of harry potter crests and ravenclaw emblems in blue
Lockscreen Ravenclaw
the cover of harry potter's book, which is surrounded by pictures of books
locks✨ on Twitter
many different movie titles are shown in black and white
War can take everything you have and destroy it.
an abstract black and white photo with text overlaying the image in multiple layers
On life and time.
the ravenclaw book cover is shown with many different images and words on it
fondo de pantalla compartido | Tumblr
fondo de pantalla compartido | Tumblr
harry potter and hermione's hogwarts are in the same room
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two pictures with the same caption for each one
Well played.