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a modern living room with black and gold accents on the walls, an open book shelf in the center
an empty room with two planters and some lights on the ceiling above it is a marble floor that has a geometric pattern
【首发】矩阵纵横|武汉•光谷•元庐 :以非凡设计,锻造极奢之境
【首发】矩阵纵横|武汉•光谷•元庐 :以非凡设计,锻造极奢之境
an open elevator with a sculpture in the center and marble flooring on either side
an open door leading to a bathroom with black and white marble on the walls,
an empty room with white marble walls and flooring on the wall is illuminated by recessed lighting
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3d models: Other decorative objects - Onyx jade wall panel
a large marble wall in a room with wooden flooring and white paneling on the walls
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Marble Bookmatch
an elegant bathroom with marble walls and flooring, gold handles on the door knobs
Earthy NeoClassic Master Bedroom
an elegant living room with marble walls and white furniture in the center, along with a large painting on the wall
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