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Image Transfer Gel Printing A Vintage Photo (ABC Printing Challenge Idea #22)
V is for... VINTAGE! For this print Gelli Arts® artist Michelle Mixed Media downloaded a free vintage image from the Graphics Fairy website and edited the image to a high-contrast BW image. She printed the image onto the same paper twice. Use black acrylic paint for the image transfer. Let the paint dry for a few minutes and then add the final colours to pull the print. #abcprintingchallenge #GelliArts #gelprinting #printmaking #monoprinting #printingplate #imagetransfers #phototransfer
Image transfer using gel plate
Image transfer using a gel plate and a page from a collage book by Collage Soup.
Paper collage and gel printing
From Printer to Page: The best Way to store and present your Gelli Prints
Keep your gelli prints safe, secure and all in one place! Print and store them in a spiral bound sketchbook for a beautiful and organized display.
Gel Printing Shirts With PM artist Studio Stencils
gel image transfer onto fabric
16 New Stencils & Masks by Elizabeth St. Hilarie
Gel printing — image transfer (wrapping paper)
a person is painting on a tray with yellow and red colors in the process of making art
Gel Printing Resources
Gel plates have a super power- layers! Get comfortable using your gel plate and discover new ways to make prints in a workshop with Carolyn Dube. Pictured here is a print by a student in one of her workshops! Check out all her workshops at #gelpress #gelliprinting #artworkshop
several bags with different pictures on them and some tags attached to the bags are shown
Image Transfer Kraft Goodie Bags with Gelli Arts®
How To Gel Print With Fluid Paint and Spray Inks
Create a scaredy cat gel print by combining black ink with black paint. Top tips from Gelli Arts® artist Tara Axford: Create a fur texture with a calligraphy brush. The gel printing plate repels ink, which adds to the blotchy feel. Use mask shapes to create a cat face. Create whiskers by blotting lines with card. Use repositionable tape to attach masks to the print. Place the cat print on a coloured background. Spray ink adds another spooky touch! #gelliarts #printmaking #monoprinting
Create Gel Print Texture With Everyday Packaging Materials (March Printing Challenge Idea #16)
For the gel printing prompt TEXTURE Gelli Arts® artist Michelle Mixed Media uses everyday textured items like cardboard, bubble wrap and packaging to create marks on her gel printing plate. She lets the paint dry and then uses a contrasting colour to pull the monoprint. She takes a previously made image transfer print and glues it onto the print to create a simple collage. #marchprintingchallenge #gelliarts #monoprinting #gelprinting #printmaking #printingplate #gelplate #gelliplate #printingtechniques
Gelli Printing Charcoal Image Transfer
Gelli Printing Image Transfer 1. Draw your image with vine charcoal 2. Press it onto Gelli plate 3. Gently cover with Matte Medium or acrylic paint 4. Apply paper and press 5. Enjoy your cool Gelli print!