The Nordic region has a lot to offer when it comes to beauty. Here you will find all of the latest beauty trends, as well as Vogue Scandinavia's tips when it…
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Gloss be gone! In 2024, matte is making a comeback, and these are our honest thoughts
For years, glosses, glazes and luscious oils have dominated the lipstick category, but this is all about to change. Matte is making its comeback, so we’ve tapped the experts on how to modernise the look. #vogue #voguescandinavia #scandinavia #makeup
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The 7 spring nail trends to try right now, according to the experts
Spring's arrival brings a fresh batch of nail trends to get excited about. This season, we've tapped experts Celina Rydén and Frida Selkirk to narrow down the options ahead of our next visit to the nail salon. From soft pastels, to romantic nail art and beyond – these are the spring 2024 nail trends to try now. #vogue #voguescandinavia #scandinavia #spring #nails #springnails #nailsinspiration #nailsdesign #nailsideas #nails2024 #trends
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Bang for your buck: These are the 3 trending fringes to cut in 2024, according to the experts
Going for the chop can be cathartic – even more so when you try something entirely new. Below, we’ve tapped three trusted hair professionals on the ultimate bangs to cut in 2024 – with some slightly surprising outcomes. #vogue #voguescandinavia #haircuts #stockholm #sweden
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Sofia Richie’s bridal hair stylist on the wedding hair trends to tap
Considering Hollywood waves for your 2024 wedding? Perhaps you ought to reconsider. These are the hairstyles to try instead according to the professionals, including the stylist behind Sofia Richie Grainge’s sought-after bridal 'do. #vogue #voguescandinavia #sofiarichie #wedding #hair #weddinghair #trends
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The only 3 beauty products you'll need next season according to New York Fashion Week
Black smudged eyeshadow, sultry red lips and a copious amounts of hair gel – New York Fashion Week was overrun with sex appeal this season. #vogue #voguescandinavia #beauty #beautyproducts #fashionweek #newyork
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The 'Scandi hairline' and more: 6 top-searched beauty trends to try in 2024
Unsure which beauty trends will reign supreme next year? We turn to the internet's top search terms for a clue. #vogue #voguescandinavia #zendaya #beauty #beautytrends #haircare #scandihairline
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Everything you need to know about Matilda Djerf's new hair care line
If you, like us, have been coveting Matilda Djerf's iconic hair for years you're in luck. We're all now one step closer to those envy-inducing tresses as the Swedish entrepreneur and content creator launches her first hair styling products under Djerf Avenue. #vogue #voguescandinavia #matildadjerf #beauty #haircare
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Dealing with dark circles? This is the expert-led solution to tired eyes
A telltale sign of late nights, allergies and even digital fatigue, dark circles plague us all. That's why Vogue Scandinavia has tapped the experts to explain the reason why, and detail precisely how to brighten tired under-eyes for a fully rested look. #vogue #voguescandinavia #beauty #beautyhacks
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The 5 skincare mistakes that facialists wish you wouldn’t make
Facialists are like magicians – they can erase all signs of late nights, carve out more pronounced cheekbones and impart a next-level glow. But it’s the damage that we inflict on our skin in between salon appointments that undoes all that hard work. #vogue #voguescandinavia #skincare #beauty
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From Kimchi to natural wines: these are the experts’ favourite foods for glowy skin
Besides a good skincare routine, the secret to lit-up skin comes from within — specifically your diet. Below, discover what to eat for a healthy glow according to the experts. #vogue #voguescandinavia #glowyskin #skincare #health
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Itching for a makeover this spring? These are 4 high-end hair salons in Oslo worth a visit
Whether you want to trim your fringe or go through a complete transformation, make sure to visit one of the most skilled hairstylists in Oslo. Here, Vogue Scandinavia rounds up our favourite salons in Norway's capital. #vogue #voguescandinavia #hairsalons #oslo #norway
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Gine Margrethe's curated shopping guide to enhance natural beauty
Exclusively for Vogue Scandinavia, Norwegian podcaster, content creator and all-round beauty aficionado Gine Margrethe shares her personal beauty picks that will allow your very best features to shine. #vogue #voguescandinavia #beauty #naturalbeauty
Is it better to air dry or blow dry your hair? Experts weigh in
There are two options when it comes to drying your hair: the au naturel route or reaching for your hairdryer. But which is better for your hair? The answer may surprise you… #vogue #voguescandinavia #blowdry #dyson
Nail Designs, Nail Colors, Lavender Nails, Nail Polish Colors, Purple Nail Designs, Light Purple Nails
The 5 nail trends to try in 2024
Having gone makeup free to some major fashion events, Pamela Andersson now launches her own skincare brand: Sonsie. British Style, Mature Fashion, Pamela, Going Out Makeup, Pamela Anderson, Anderson, Fresh Face, Without Makeup, Brand
Everything you need to know about Pamela Anderson's beauty brand
Having gone makeup free to some major fashion events, Pamela Andersson now launches her own skincare brand: Sonsie.