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several small houses on stilts in the water next to some grass and trees,
Ada Medjica on the river Sava
people are walking across a bridge near some castle like structures in the sky with clouds
Past in the present.. or the other way around? :)
Belgrade, Kalemegdan
an aerial view of a city and river
Film, Photography and Post Production directory - ProductionParadise
Sava and Danube "meeting" in Belgrade, Serbia
several boats are docked in the water as people watch from the side walk at night
Belgrade: Carnival of Ships
an old fashion shop display with hats and other items on the table in black and white
Nikola Tesla Images and Photographs
Tesla's personal items displayed in the Nikola Tesla Museum, Belgrade, Serbia.
an old black and white photo of a building
Nikola Tesla Images and Photographs
The Nikola Tesla Museum, Belgrade, Serbia (former Yugoslavia).
the sun is setting over a river with trees and buildings in the backgroud
Edge Of My Soul
Edge Of My Soul | Belgrade~Serbia
a man is walking down an alley way in the city at sunset, with buildings on either side
I Photograph The Beauty Of Belgrade
The Beauty Of Belgrade
a clock tower towering over a city at sunset
Sunset over St. Michael’s Cathedral in Belgrade
an empty street with many buildings in the background at dusk, lit up by lights
an aerial view of a city with lots of tall buildings
Beograd koga više nema
Beograd koga više nema | Politikin Zabavnik
there is a statue of a man on a horse in the middle of a street
Михаило Обреновић — Википедија
10. juna 1868. godine u Beogradu, u Košutnjaku, ubijen je knez Mihailo Obrenović (vladao od 1839-1842 i 1860-1868). Drugi period vladavine počeo je 1860. posle očeve smrti kada je zaveo autoritarnu vladavinu, ustanovio narodnu vojsku i učinio Srbiju vojno dominantnom na Balkanu, sklapao saveze radi rušenja Otomanske imperije. Mnogo je doprineo modernizaciji zemlje osnivanjem Narodnog muzeja i Narodnog pozorišta u Beogradu. Nasledio ga je Milan Obrenović.
an old building lit up at night with trees and benches in the foreground,
an old building with statues on the front and side of it's windows,
people are sitting on benches in the park by some trees and a clock tower behind them