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a multicolored knitted shawl on a mannequin
5 Easy Shawl Knitting Patterns | Perfect Autumn Knitting Patterns
there is a colorful knitted sweater hanging on the rack
Nightshift shawl knitting project by gillian P
a multicolored knitted shawl draped on top of a wooden table next to a window
Nightshift shawl knitting project by gillian P
I’d been looking to knit this shawl for a while, but didn’t want to spend so much on yarn so used just 2 balls of random colour changing yarn. The end result is much lighter yet warm and cosy
a woman wearing glasses and a multicolored knitted shawl in the woods
How I Made the Nightshift Shawl by Andrea Mowry
a woman is holding up a shawl in the grass
two multicolored knitted scarves sitting next to each other on a black surface
Best in show - Zickzack scarf
Så kul att så många av er uppskattade bilden på min Zickzack-sjal. Fick massor av kommentarer på både instagram och facebook. Mönstet ...
a woman is wearing a multicolored scarf
three pictures of scarves with tassels on them and the words secret palles shawl
Crochet Women Shawl Outwear Free Patterns Instructions
Crochet Secret Paths Shawl Free Pattern-Crochet Women Shawl Sweater Outwear Free Patterns
two pictures of a woman wearing a crocheted shawl
Mountain Breeze Poncho Free Crochet Pattern - DIY Magazine
Mountain Breeze Poncho Free Crochet Pattern
a green shawl hanging on a white door
a woman wearing a green and brown shawl standing in a field with trees behind her
a woman wearing a multicolored knitted shawl and holding her hands in her pockets
Noro shawl modeled
Noro Yarn 'Feather and Fan' wrap. Gorgeous!!