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a pair of yellow knitted mitts with the words i love you written on it
mitts mitts mitts...
If I was going to New York...
a person wearing a yellow mitt with the word taxi written on it's thumb
Pret-ty clever!
an old black and white photo of people on the street
Photographer Spotlight: Bill Ray's Classic Celebrity Portraits - LIFE
Robert Redford, New York City 1969. Just a few blocks away, at the Biltmore Theater on 47th Street, was where the actor got his first major notices as the star of Neil Simon's 1963 Broadway play, Barefoot in the Park
a statue of a man holding a bag and pointing to something in the air with his hand
NYC - Taxi
NYC statue - Taxi!
a man standing in the street waving to someone
Jr hailing a cab in NY 2013