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“The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it." - Ralph Waldo Emerson
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a greeting card with an illustration of a volcano and the words, llama you
I Lava You Volcano Love Card
I Lava You Volcano Love Card, Pixar's Inside Out inspired - A Jar of Pickles
a card with an avocado saying time to avo cuddle on it
Time to Avo-cuddle Love Card
A Jar of Pickles Punny Food Valentine's Card
an office filled with lots of desks and balloons hanging from the ceiling above them
#Weebly office team surprised everyone with owl balloons and acceptance letters to Hogwarts as invites to the team Halloween Party! #creative #harrypotter #hogwarts #crafty #office
flowers and scissors are sitting on the floor next to a letter m that is made out of cardboard
Floral Monogram How To on MeganEzell.com
a black cat laying on top of a wooden table next to a potted plant
Customize It: Copper + Leather Weave Table - Emily Henderson
Customize It: Copper Leather Weave Table
a white desk with a computer on top of it
10 Inspiring Home Offices
These chic desktops and home offices will inspire you to create the perfect workspace.
a happy birthday grandpa potato with an american flag sticker on it's side
Potato Parcel - Your Image and Message on a Potato! A Unique Gift!
Looking for something unique to send someone? Send a message on a potato!
four pieces of metal are arranged on a green surface, with one flower in the middle
Different way to do felt flowers
three different colored flowers are shown together
How to Make Felt Roses - Tutorials and Patterns
this is a collage of photos showing how to make a door mat for your front porch
Welcome Summer with a DIY Stamped Watermelon Doormat | eHow
Hello, Summer! Come right on in. Easy Stamped DIY Watermelon Doormat with full directions on site!
a wooden box sitting on top of a wooden deck
Great Wave Crate Table
32" x 32" x 20" H, and made from reclaimed wood. This crate table is inked with the legendary Hokusai, "Great Wave" wood block print. The top is hinged to lift up and offers a large storage space and has rugged steel wheels on the underside. Crate tables not only serve as storage, but as tables and benches as well. All of our tables are sanded to a smooth even finish. All of our tables are finished with 4 coats of water-based polyurethane. Table requires simple assembly. All tools are ...
a wooden sign with an octopus holding a bottle on it's back and the words,
Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table.21" x 38" x 17".Image by Quyen Dinh.