a small colorful bird sitting on top of a wooden table next to a purple flower
Bird Carvings - Wildlife Garden Web Shop
A bit of wildlife in your house brings joy to the weekly toils. The DecoBird collection has many popular birds from around the world—see them all on our website!
a small bird sitting on top of a pink book next to yellow and red flowers
Bird Carvings - Wildlife Garden Web Shop
NEW IN for the spring! The flying skylark, pink robin, common yellowthroat, northern flicker and Eurasian teal are the latest additions to our collection! The popular series of hand-carved DecoBirds depict birds from around the globe. Each bird is an authentic, detail-rich representation of the species, wood-carved and hand-painted in environmentally friendly paints. Look for the new arrivals among the other birds of the world!
a blue and white birdhouse sitting on top of a pole next to some bushes
Garden architecture that honours tradition
In Sweden, old boathouses have a certain air of vacation times. They can also be seen as honouring the hard labour of our ancestors as fishermen. Multiholks take their design from the architecture of these traditional cottages while being modern feeders or nests for the birds in the garden.
three birds are perched on a bird feeder
Combi feeder Green
Four tree sparrows enjoying a nice meal on our green combi feeder during daylight! So amazing to watch!
a black and white bird is standing in the water
"Oh.. Don't I look great this evening?!" - says this good looking oystercatcher. At least that is what we think is happening! 🤔
a small bird perched on top of a tree branch
Of all the woodland birds, the nuthatch is a character that truly sticks out. Not solely because of their bandit like appearance but the way they scurry up and down tree trunks head first is truly mesmerizing to behold. Photo: Johan Ander
a bird sitting on top of a tree branch next to green leaves and sky in the background
What do you think #birds ponder over when sitting atop a tree? Photo: Johan Ander
a stork is standing on top of a building with its nest in the roof
This #graceful individual makes #parenting look like a breeze! Could this be our godchild/’godbird’ - #stork 715?
a small yellow and gray bird sitting on a branch in front of some branches with no leaves
”Grumpy? Me? Whatever do you mean?” #funnybirds #kinglet
a close up of a bird with a bright colored beak and large, black feathers
We have an exotic guest in our feed this week – has anyone seen this colourful character before? #malaysia #exoticbirds
a small bird sitting on top of a tree branch
The Common Linnet (Carduelis Cannabina). #hämpling #Bluthänfling #Linaria cannabina #Kneu Linotte mélodieuse
a small black bird standing in the grass
Want to know what the blackbird sounds like - go to our bird school http://www.wildlifegarden.co.uk/bird-school/blackbird.html #Blackbird #wildlifegarden
a blue and brown bird sitting on top of a tree branch
Think your children are bird-brains? You're right - our feathered friends outperform 7-year-olds in logic tests
In a logic test, Eurasian jays quickly learned that adding stones to a cylinder half-filled with water would bring a tasty treat floating on the surface within reach of their beaks. In a second task the jays realised it was better to use pebbles, which sink, than corks, which float.
a small bird perched on the palm of someone's hand
DecoBird Wren – Hand carved wooden bird– Wildlife Garden
A Eurasian wren being ring marked in Falsterbo Sweden.
an image of a bird that is looking at something in the distance with a caption below it
Peregrine Falcon by John Hyde - Printscapes
Peregrine Falcon Photograph by John Hyde - Printscapes - Peregrine Falcon Fine Art Prints and Posters for Sale