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Glass + Resin + Clay + Wire
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Olive oil soap with orange essential oils and zest 🍊
My first attempt at homemade soap! Shea butter with lavender and eucalyptus oils 🌱

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Learn how to make this affordable geometric lampshade, then hang your modern lighting in a bedroom, dining room, or office. #origami #pendantlight


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How To Etch Anything Using The Sun #DIY #hacks #wood #etch #creative

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DIY Loofah Soap Bars #DIY #soap #hacks #clean

Candles + Soap

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knot master✨ - Han Aja.

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Pinterest @xobelin 🌱🕊
Pinterest @xobelin 🌱🕊

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a person holding up a piece of jewelry with shells hanging from it's sides
Pinterest @xobelin 🦋
a black tray with many different colored beads on it and flowers in the back ground
wrapped stones
an octopus made out of fabric sitting in the grass
two pictures, one with a cat and the other with a small kitten on it's back
Cat Embroidery
a piece of art that is hanging on the wall with some metal rings around it
Turquoise Hanging Macramé Piece
a cross stitch ornament hanging from a christmas tree decorated with evergreen branches and ornaments
Home Alone themed embroidery