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A dark meadow can be seen with castles in the distance. The night sky is filled with  swirls of dark purple and light pink clouds. The stars are mixed together forming a moon shape similar to Van Gough's A Starry Night. Night Skies, Bonito, Paisajes, Fantasy, Fotos, Fantasy Aesthetic, Xiaomi Wallpapers, Fondos De Pantalla, Night Background
Dreamy Night Sky Wallpaper │ Dark Purple Aesthetic Background with Shimmering Stars
a man standing next to a dog on top of a forest under a sky filled with stars
an open gate leading to a castle with roses on the ground and two birds flying over it
an elaborately decorated room with chandeliers and flowers
a painting of the night sky with clouds and stars above water, as well as trees
a castle in the sky with birds flying around
a purple and blue background with an image of a heart in the center, surrounded by stars
four vertical banners with flowers and plants on them, all in different shades of pink