Seasonal Joy

Beauty, love & joy are always welcome, regardless of your chosen deity. This is a random collection of beautiful pins that made me smile. I hope they do the…
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white vases filled with flowers and greenery on a black plate
an easter egg decorated with roses and doves
decorated cookies with sprinkles arranged on a white surface
10 Sweet Treats to Make For Easter - HOORAY! Mag
some eggs and flowers on a plate with the words ephemerede seasonal calendar
Happy Easter - Paper Tree
a black background with gold lettering that says, bounce avacee 2024 on it
Linda Ervin
Happy New Year! 2024
two people are toasting with wine glasses in front of sparkley lights and confetti
I need to be here at Christmas 🤯 At Strasbourg, France
an ornament hanging from the top of a christmas tree
Christmas Ornament