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14. These eyes look a little bit different. They really change when you look at them from a certain angle. At the same time, they look so sincere and innocent!, Top 20 magnificent eyes from around the world - (Page 14)


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an old woman with wrinkles on her face and red scarf over her head, looking at the camera
Intimate portraits of Indian paupers reveal face of poverty
an old woman with wrinkles and piercings on her nose is looking at the camera
a man wearing a headscarf and looking at the camera with blue eyes in front of a green wall
Afghan man | Silvia Alessi | Flickr
Beard Styles, Beard, Beard Style, Style
a man with curly hair and blue eyes looks at the camera while wearing a black sweater
Laurence O'fuarain
black and white photo of a man with a beard wearing a t - shirt looking to the side
25 Trendsetting Short Beard Styles for Men: A Professional Stylist’s Guide
The angular short beard with sharp lines is all the rage in the latest trends for men. It’s particularly flattering for men with round faces as it adds structure and sharpness to the facial features. Having styled numerous celebrities and professionals, I’ve seen first-hand how this style makes a powerful statement. I look forward to introducing more of my clients to this bold and modern look.
a shirtless man with black hair and no shirt
a man with a goatee and beard standing in front of a building
'Everybody's Waiting for Putin to Die.' A Russian Businessman on the Hopes for His Homeland — TIME
'Everybody's Waiting for Putin to Die.' A Russian Businessman on the Hopes for His Homeland
Russian Models, Handsome Man, Greek Men