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A Closer Look at Schiaparelli’s Surrealist Couture Jewelry
an art work with many different things on it, including eyeballs and other objects
this is a gays only event
a piece of art that looks like it has been embroidered on
Top 100 Embroidery Artists on Instagram
a drawing of a dachshund in the rain
#makikoart #dachshund #dackel #embroidery #embroideryart #dogembroidery #dogportrait #rainyday #dog
two pictures side by side one has a chair and the other has a rug on it
Embroidered chairs by Peter and Sally Nencini
a green and blue quilt hanging on the wall
just another masterpiece
how to paint starr night with step by step pictures and instructions for the painting process
How To Paint Starry Night
the weaving is being worked on with red thread
Go Back to Bauhaus with Hannah Waldron’s Graphic Weavings
a close up of a piece of fabric with different colors and shapes on it,