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Is a working a full time job while still finishing a doctorate degree possible?
Short answer: YES // Long answer: • it really depends on the type of your PhD (dry or wet lab, humanities, social sciences, etc.) • it’s not easy, but if it were everyone could do it • the workload and pressure to perform is immense on both sides • if you’re currently in the midst of it, I am too - and so are others. You are not alone, let’s connect 🫶🏼 phd motivation, phd student aesthetic, doing a phd, phd student, phd humor, phd thesis, doctoral graduation, doctoral degree, doctorate, doctorate degree aesthetic
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6 months with a walking pad and STILL not sick of it x
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Principles to live by as a PhD Candidate
whatever you do, remember: work is what you do, not who you are 🫶🏼
PhD Motivation
Reminder ⤵️ • 🫶🏼 don’t take advice from people that are not where you want to be • 🫶🏼 just because they won’t doesn’t mean you can’t • 🫶🏼 no one said it would be easy
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Beauty 🫱🏼‍🫲🏽 brains | PhD motivation quote
PhDs take TIME, and you cannot go wrong with consistently putting in the work. Fight for your fairytale. Keep going, and results WILL happen - sometimes out of the blue.
7 things I am NOT doing to finish my PhD in 11 months
🧼 Arguing about chores with my partner • We live in a tiny apartment, so to be fair it’s not like we have an overwhelming amount of household chores. And still, even if it’s just 3 hours: it is okay to get help! You’re simply trading time for money, it is not an outrageous luxury 🤍 🍓 Cooking all of our food on my own • There is this stigma about ordering takeout and frozen food that I will just completely ignore until I finish this degree. I’ll still try to cook the majority of our meals at home and eat healthy, but I am not going to beat myself up for buying frozen meals instead of meal prepping for hours on the weekend, or getting takeout on a busy day ⚡️People pleasing • I am absolutely not sorry for radically prioritising my PhD for this final dissertation stretch. It took
a quote that says, you glow differently when your confidence is fueled by being in yourself instead
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the words get serious about your goals get serious about your peace get serious about your life get serious about yourself
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