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the children are playing in the yard with their farm animals and numbers to 10 on it
Математические пазлы от пользователя «id2039317» на
two children are walking down the sidewalk with flowers and balloons in their hands, one is holding
Российский Сервис Онлайн-Дневников
two children are standing in the woods with mushrooms
Wall | VK
two children are walking in the rain with an umbrella over their heads and a soccer ball on the ground
a painting of two children in the woods with autumn leaves on the ground and trees
Nel Bosco
children playing with leaves in the yard
Aile Tutumları Ve Etkileri – Okul Öncesi Eğitimi ve Çocuk Gelişimi
by Marilee Harrald-Pilz (
an image of people riding bikes in the rain with words written on them that read mensen was bill's he regent
Saskia van Gerven illustraties
What is the weather like? Who is riding a bicycle? Where do you think they are going? Who has a blue umbrella? Who is getting splashed? What kind of vehicles do you see? (Saskia van Gerven)
the simpsons family house is filled with people and swimming pool, while others are in their bathing
MEN'S HEALTH, "Public Pool", Editorial Illustration
(Great Illustration for description in aphasia) MEN'S HEALTH, "Public Pool", Editorial Illustration by Christoph Hoppenbrock, via Behance
an illustration of a shark and other animals in the ocean is under construction
Party under sea. Visit: or…
an image of children playing on the beach with their dogs and birds in the background
Strand praatplaat
an image of people waiting at the train station for their luggage to be picked up