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two anime characters walking next to each other
Best Metal Gear Solid Artwork and Sites. Done by and for Supporters!
two sketches of the same man with different facial expressions
Big boss doodles
a man in a tuxedo is staring at something
two men are standing next to each other in front of a green background, one is wearing glasses
a man in uniform with a blindfold on his head
an anime character standing in front of a deli counter with the caption they picked up his sandwich 4 times
two people sitting on a couch looking at a laptop screen with the caption my fav party
an image of a cartoon character being hugged by another character
"Hal and Dave? That's a good one" by Bridget Bighands
two people standing next to each other with headphones on
a close up of a person with an evil look on his face and mouth,
a drawing of two people with guitars
metal gear rising
a black and white drawing of a man with glasses