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a bunch of candles sitting on top of a white cloth next to flowers and leaves
💋 XoXo | Un modèle en édition limitée pour la Saint-Valentin 💕 Délicatement parfumée à la pomme d’amour & fabriquée avec le plus grand soin ✨ 🩷 La livraison avant la Saint-Valentin n’est plus garantie, cependant il reste quelques exemplaires si vous désirez (vous) faire plaisir 👉 www.delicedebougie.com 🎁 -10% SUR VOTRE 1ÈRE COMMANDE AVEC LE CODE: BIENVENUE10 #ideecadeau #saintvalentin #cadeauoriginal #homedesign #homedecor #faitmain #faitenfrance #bougiechantilly #pommedamour #parfumin...
Candle «Pearl», Свеча «Жемчужина»
Bubble cube candle link in bio
DIY daisy flower-embedded candle
@GlowedCandles DIY daisy flower embeds candle
Изготовление соевых свечей
Difficulty: Easy Инструменты: • Соевый воск • Силиконовая форма
three small teddy bears sitting next to each other on a white counter top in front of a framed photo
1pc Silicone Mold, 3d Fondant Mold For Diy Pudding Chocolate Candy Desserts Gummy Handmade Soap Polymer Clay Ice Cube, Cake Decorating Supplies, Baking Supplies, Kitchen Items
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a vase filled with white flowers next to a bunch of balloons in front of it
a hand holding a pink balloon in front of an open box
several pieces of white and brown pottery with tags attached to them, sitting on a table
three different types of fruit on a white tablecloth, one is pink and the other is red
two yellow and white candles sitting on top of a white cloth covered tablecloth with an ornament in the middle
two green and white candles sitting on top of a white cloth covered tablecloth,
two white candles sitting next to each other
The Pearl candle
a white vase sitting on top of a table
Avoid these Five Candle Making Mistakes
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some pink and white balloons sitting on top of a box with flowers in the background
Heart cube candles
Velas artesanales
Ideas de diseños de velas artesanales para tu emprendimiento, accede a nuestros cursos! credits: jeune.home
four white candles with gold designs on them sitting side by side in front of each other
Dulce Mann Candle Co
Decorative Scented Candle
two yellow and white candles sitting on top of a white cloth covered tablecloth with an ornament in the middle
a person is holding some kind of cake with purple and white icing on it
Kit vela bubble/ velas decorativas/ vela aromática
some flowers are sitting in a bowl on a marble counter top with shells and seashells
bahareh.candle (@bahare.candle9398) | Instagram
Mother’s Day Candles gifts
This is what every day has been looking like in the Baroque Candle Studio for the past few days! Loving how many of you all like this candle and how many of these are being given as Mother’s Day gifts! 🌹🤍
a white plate topped with a purple flower wreath next to a book and candle holder
two purple candles with orange slices and pine cones wrapped in twine on top of each other
two candles with coffee beans in them on a white surface, next to each other
Surprise candles diy
red roses in white boxes with ribbons tied around the edges and name tags on them
Бонбоньерка свеча «Розочка»
a person is holding a box with macaroni and cheeses in it that are decorated with pink roses
three candles with teddy bears in them on a table