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Nightwing 💙🖤

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🎨 art by: @hokkemaruyaki


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cat batfamily

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an animated comic strip with two images of a man looking at something in the distance
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a man sitting on the ground next to an easel with a batman drawing on it
Damian Wayne
an image of two people dressed as batman and batgirl, one is hugging the other
By IRISPARDOM on twitter
#stephcass #batgirls #batfamily
two people sitting on a ledge in front of some clothes hanging from the line above them
three people are sitting on a chair eating ice cream and one is holding a ping pong paddle
Damian, Jon and Lizzie
🎨 art by: @hokkemaruyaki
two cartoon characters sitting on top of each other next to a can of ketchup
Damian and Jon
two cartoon characters dressed as superman and batmangirl, one with blue eyes and the other wearing
an angry child is angry again
two pictures of a man with short hair and green eyes in front of a mirror
two people dressed as batman and catwoman, one with a mask on his head